Jackson "Xykrotik" Harris

🔊 Sound Designer | 🎼 Musician | 🎧 Audio Engineer



Hi, I'm Jackson, also known as Xykrotik on the interwebs. I'm a sound designer, musician, and audio engineer for a lot of different media, but I mainly focus on video games!Whether it's drawing inspiration from Sci-Fi video games like Metroid and Titanfall, creating lush atmospheres of ambiance, or creating quirky and wholesome noises for cartoony games, I can guarantee a sonic experience like no other.I'm currently working with indie game developers and studios, like Hyper Luminal Games, on their upcoming video game projects.Outside of audio, I enjoy a finely brewed cup of coffee or tea, astronomy, and bouldering.

Previous Clients


I also do professional work with Sample Libraries and Audio Plugins. You can find that portfolio below:

Demo Reels

Spring 2022 Sound Design Reel

2021 Sound Design Reel

Sound Design Practice

A playlist of every publicly shared sound design practice clip I've done

Authentically Retro Mega Man X5 Sound ReDesign

Honor of Kings

Character Pose / Intro

Ability #2

Character Recall Animation

Skill #3

Passive - Ready

Ability #1

Basic Attack

Pine Hearts


Creature KeeperSound DesignerCreated 100+ unique 'creature' sound effectsFervir Games & Graffiti Games2023
Honor of KingsSound DesignerCreated new sound assets for character animations. (Recall/Back, Intro animation video, in-game abilities)TiMi & Tencent Games2022
Casinoverse - Firework FrenzySound DesignerCreated additional, unique, sound assets to fit the overall thematic of the mobile gameHyper Luminal Games, Clan Havoc Industries, Wind Creek Casinos2022
SpriteFestivalSound DesignerCreation of sound assetsChowlingSpeciesAlpha in 2022
Paper TrailsSound DesignerCreation of sound assetsPaper Cat Games2023; Demo in 2022
Pine HeartsSound Designer + ImplementationCreation of sound assets, FMOD Studio implementation in UnityHyper Luminal GamesTBD
Arcanium: Rise of AkhanAdditional Sound DesignerCreation of sound assetsSupercombo Games & Netflix2021


Have a project you'd like to inquire about? Let me know! I'm happy to discuss more details with you and your team.